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The Smart IOT Platform
for the FMCG & Hospitality industry
by Smart RS

“To make the Non Smart assets of today the Smart assets of tomorrow for Brands & Consumers”

Coolers & Freezers

Adding smart technology to classical coolers and freezers gives new insights in technical and commercial processes

Vending Channel

With the Smartbox we change the face of the vending industry, working with operators and machine manufacterers

FMCG and Brands

With Smart technology we enhance the interactive journey of the end-customer offering many additional touch-points and customer interaction


Join the Smart Revolution

Hardware Design’s

• Centralization of a complex manufacture landscape to few certified producers by

Data Management IP

• Possibility to gather the data in our cloud.

• Security & Data Ownership

long term charge

• Possibility to use new channels to cross sell products or services.

• Innovation & Transformation

Software “Sophia” IP

• Provision of one standard & open platform

• No need for cost-intensive bespoke solutions

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Connectivity & Payments

Inventory Management

Mobility & Smarter Retail IOT interaction

Real time Cloud services

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Combination of all needed functionality into one platform

Data Analytics

Digital & Advertising Content delivery

Personalised Shopping

Robust security

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The Leadership

Co-Founder & CEO

Martijin has a 20 year background in the vending industry and is CEO and owns the majority of the International Vending Alliance (IVA). IVA is a global network with 1.9 million machines and thus future Smart RS clients. Further Martijin owns 3 trading companies and 2 companies in franchise activities in the Benelux.

Martijn van den Hazenkamp

– Co-Founder & CCO

Adrian has spent over 20 years in senior executive roles within Intel Corporation where a key focus had been in Sales, Marketing, Business Innovation & Development. Now the focus is how to build the Retail experince for his 3 years old daughter Sophia to use in the future, hence SmartRS focus.

Adrian Whelan


Brad has spent over 20 years in various leadership roles in developing Software platforms and Hardware Solutions for many leading brands in the areas of Retail, Industrail & Transportation. Brad is the lead in Smart RS on developing the ideas of new services and IP into customer ready products.

Brad Varbete

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