Smart Retail Solutions

make the non smart assets of today the smart assets of tomorrow.

An online platform designed for the retail and CPG industry

Connect every retail asset consisting of your complete fleet of vending machines, coolers & freezers to become a new revenue platform for your business. 

Extract valuable data and connect the data in the machines to the complete supply chain of your business. Open up new revenue streams and connect & engage with consumers in new ways

Strong partners

Our platform is supported by a key global partners. The Strength of Smart RS is to bring together the key elements and form it in something unique for the FMCG industry. Smart RS owns IP and is always leading in commercial discussions.

Collect valuable data 

Collection of valuable data from vending , beverage & refrigeration services  to help manage your overall supply chain from factory to customer and back again. Digital connection to customers with your machines and assest to improve product quality.

Connect & engage with consumers in new ways

Connectivity & payments

Mobility & smarter retail IOT interaction

Real time cloud services

Digital & advertising content delivery

Personalised shopping

Robust security

Data analytics

Inventory management

Industry disruptive and future proof model

In our connected ecosystem new business models and income streams arise next to dramatic improvement of existing processes.

The FMCG & automated vending/hoisapaility space misses important functionality.

Suitable for Vending , Beverage & Refrigration services


Solution built to monitor, access and deliver real data for Vending machines.

Barista machines

The focus on product quality in coffee & maintenance in machines.  

Coolers & Freezer

A solution built to monitor operational changes of coolers & freezers.  


Drinks & beverage platform to help bring smarter operational & consumer engagements.

Smart box: Software platform for a full complete system

Assets Application

Connect. manager


Vending middleware (SW VMC)

Telemetry App & Predictive model engine

Payment manager

Sensor Hub


Sales and Product Info DB

Machine Management agent

System logs

Operating System (Linux, Windows IoT)

Our partnerships

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