An online platform designed for the Retail and CPG industry


Combination of all needed functionality into one platform

Connect every retail asset consisting of your complete fleet of Vending Machines, Coolers & Freezers to become a new revenue platform for your business. Extract valuable data and connect the data in the machines to the complete supply chain of your business. Open up new revenue streams and connect & engage with consumers in new ways.

The Two Variants for Vending + Services

SmartBox 1

Platform Variant 1


Telemetry+ Cloud Services

Payment Device & Adversting options

Smart Box 2

Platform Variant 2




Cloud, Payment, Connectivity & Digital Services


Backend Enterprise Services



Vending API


Digital CMS


Engange with customers in new ways

Connectivity & Payments

The integrated software gives you a central overview of all payments from the respective payment platform, which you can easily access via a secure internet connection.

Mobility & smarter retail IOT interaction

The cloud-based IoT Smart Retail Store technology from Smart-Rs tracks customer verhalten then correlates that data with sales, promotions, traffic and other data.

Real time cloud services

Smart-Rs Cloud Services offer a full range of solutions such as cloud hosting and more.

Personalised shopping

Offer your customers a personalized shopping experience to surprise them and help them make more personalized buying decisions.

Data analytics

Influence and improve the buying experience by analyzing data and customer behavior.

Mobility & smarter retail IOT interaction

Offer multi-channel content to give your customers personalized user experience. Expand your earnings from paid content and natural advertising.


Robust security

The software offers robust security for all your security needs. We offer various state-of-the-art security services to make the buying experience as safe as possible for you and your customer.

Inventory management

The system offers total administration and monitoring of the inventory items.

Data Stream 1

Machine control (hardware, firmware and software to control a retrofit or a new machine: delivery mechanism, payment devices, sensors).

Data Stream 2

Vending machine application: Interface between the consumer and the machine, providing point of sale like capabilities to a machine (campaigns, discounts, real-time price changes).

Data Stream 3

Cashless payments: contactless payments (integrated with several middle ware and devices) including Apple Pay and Google Pay (Ingenico). Upcoming Alipay and WeChat pay.

Data Stream 4

Data exchange (telemetry) to and from cloud. Work in progress for new version.

Data Stream 5

Console (cloud UI). Version 1 now, with more meaningful features being added.
DaaS (data as a service): export data from our cloud to various VMS. Expandable to ERPs etc.

Smart box: Software platform for a full complete system

Assets Application

Connect. manager


Vending middleware (SW VMC)

Telemetry App & Predictive model engine

Payment manager

Sensor Hub


Sales and Product Info DB

Machine Management agent

System logs

Operating System (Linux, Windows IoT)